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Who are we?


We are some of the best and highly qualified musicians and artists!
Our motto is:
For us, quality and professionalism of our singers are paramount.
What is our distin-guishing feature?
Excellent vocal education and skills on the basis of fundamental education and experience.
Who are our artists?

Extraordinary personalities, laureates of worldwide recognized competitions, true experts of the art.

Have you ever thought of how many opera and music theatres exist world-wide? Neither have we ever counted them, however we are sure that they are innumerable, while each one staging a daily performance, with at least more than 10 soloists acting. Nevertheless, opera singers who enjoy a certain broad public popularity could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Are they really only this elite who is lucky to possess a wonderful voice and charismatic appearance?
We present other artists who have not yet received this recognition but who are out-standing personalities possessing remarkable voices. Due to various reasons and cir-cumstances they have not yet reached this level of popularity, but they are long-since opera singers of just a special class of proficiency. Our objective is to present them to the broad public and to make them fit for demanding concert performances.


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